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Microsoft Excel Dashboard Template

In computer terminology and information technology, the term dashboard refers to a user interface that organizes and presents information in a very easily readable form. This term is used by most people as a metaphor to make the viewers link it with a normal automobile’s dashboard, both being able to manage resources in an easy way. These dashboard interfaces can be referred to as information dashboards, management dashboards, or simply, dashboard reports.

Dashboard reports allow managers to get advanced overview of their business and assist them in making immediate decisions. Creating dashboards can be a very difficult task if you are not well adapted in it. A number of tools are available for creating dashboard reports, but the best among them is Ms Excel. We have some professionally designed Dashboard Templates that you can see below.  These are surely a treat for those business people who are in need for a dashboard report for their own company assessment. Using Ms Excel, you can easily operate our Dashboard Template even if you are not a professionally trained person. And also, you can make any required changes according to your company‘s requirements. Apart from that, Ms Excel is available practically on every computer. So you don’t have to even worry for the downloading of any software. You have to just download our Dashboard Template, and you are ready to start your work after personalizing it.

The best part is, that it can be downloaded a number of times, as it is absolutely free, for an unlimited period of time. So you can have a separate Dashboard Template for different projects and departments.

Below is the preview and download link to our this Free Dashboard Template,

Microsoft Excel Dashboard Template

Microsoft Excel Dashboard Template (1)

And here goes its download link,

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