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Ledger Template

A ledger is a book of accounts which records the data from transactions and then it is classified and summarized. Almost all of small-time and well-settled business organizations have now adopted the ledger template. It holds all the expenses and income in separate accounts. It helps very much in preparing the final accounts on a weekly or monthly basis.

The basic input is derived from the check register. It includes expense payments by check, cash, debit card, and credit card. On the other hand, the output is used to create the profit and loss statement- current, monthly, quarterly and year-to-date.

The current ledger template that you can see tracks budget and all of the financial data to generate flawless financial statements such as an Income Statement and Balance Sheet, in the end, improving the efficiency of your company. It is also helpful if you are currently transferring from manual mode, as it is constructed in Ms. Excel, one of the most easily managed accounting software. It is the fundamental accounting software, used to make entry in many other accounts. It has been professionally designed professionally keeping close attention to small businesses organizations.

Using this ledger template, you can easily catalog and keep track of expenses, make budget sheets, assemble payment reminders, keep track of investment schedule and returning bill payments, create reports and pie charts, and so much more, with only some clicks.

It is a very comprehensive program, which helps you in handling your accounts in a better and more efficient and organized way. In addition to all this, you do not have to worry for the cost, as it is absolutely free, and ready for instant process.

Here is the preview link of this Free Ledger Template.


Ledger Template

Here is the download link to this Free Ledger Template,

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